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Conditions, information and the price

 Are included:
  • The trip is aimed at people with a flair for the extraordinary
  • We're sure to walk some of the time.
  • Full board applies to the entire journey from arrival in Nouakchott to and including departure there.
  • The trip is generally carried out with a Toyota Highlux. A car is available for hikes throughout the trip
  • Overnight in tents. Exceptions in Nouakchott, Tidjikja and Kiffa.
  • A touring pharmacy is available for initial medical care.
  • Morocco - Mauritania is a trade name used by Edi Kunz for his ventures. Legal responsibility lies in the hands of the Mauritanian company "phare du désert" based in Nouakchott.
  • We are the link between the customer on the one hand and Phare du désert on the other hand and are responsible for all organizational matters. 
  • We personally accompany our customers on this unique journey.
The Mauritanian representation:
Le phare du desert - Mauritanie Assistance,SA
Av. Mokhtar Daddah, immeuble Essalam, 108
Tel + 22245249922
NIF 00043463

Are not included in the price:
  • Arrival and departure (we are happy to help you find flights)
  • Visa fees (about 60 euros)
  • Personal expenses
  • Any costs that may arise that were not foreseeable
  • All drinks except enough mineral water and tea.
The price: Guide price for 3 – 5 participants
1880 euros/person
Medical supplies:
The medical care in Mauritania is sufficient. Up to and including Nema, all places are provided with the necessary hospital. In addition to basic medical care, which is provided by the Mauritanian agency, military units are almost everywhere on the journey along the old caravan route. They are responsible for the well-being of travelers. In addition, the escort vehicle is ready for emergencies.
Medical Precautions / Vaccinations / Suggestion:
No vaccinations are required when entering from a European country
Attention is drawn to the fact that good insurance, which also includes repatriation, is a must.
Date of the trip:
07.01 to 23.01.2022
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