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Travel advice 

If you came across the programs directly here during your research, we invite you to

read our general explanations about Mauritania. They contain everything you need to know about

Mauritania and will help you to get to grips with the here

Traveling in Mauritania definitely means taking a trip that is not everyday. In order to

we mean

  •  You can count on perfect organization on our part. weather and other circumstances

make it necessary to make changes to a trip.

In 2017 we traveled to Mauritania for the first time. From these "clarifications" then emerged

unique journeys which we present here.

We believe in the time after Corona and therefore have travel dates for the year 2021


Or: I would like to go there. "I" organize the trip with "my group." There are

We are always on hand to help you organize something unforgettable.

Please find the programs below. They are:

Here is the data overview:

Study trip:  Planned from 15.11.23

The desert is alive:You can suggest a date to us

Expedition «Back to the roots:» 1/20/2023 to 2/4/2023

Mauritanian Potbourri:  05. – 15.11.2023

Our trips to Mauritania
Study trip Mauritania
Back to the origin
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Mauritania offers some highlights which can be summarized in a study trip.
  •  The longest train on earth, which is also the heaviest, runs in Mauritania.See video
  •  Fishing, another important economic factor
  •  Chinguetti, the seventh holy place of Islam
  •  Parquet national Bang Arguim, the natural wonder of the Atlantic
  •  The two monoliths of Ben Amira
Come with me, you will - live and he - learn a lot about MAURITANIA
An expedition to the desert of Mauritania.
For centuries, caravans traversed the Sahara, crossing – von Tomboctou Coming-Mauritania.
A "road" was created on which goods were transported, but which also led to a true transfer of knowledge. Much knowledge was written on manuscripts collected. You emptied and learned at the most important passage places.
This expedition offers a return to the origins, wandering in the desert - like back then
The desert is alive
collage 1.jpg
80% of Mauritania consists of desert. 2500km is coastline of the Atlantic and then there is the for
the livelihood of the whole country important river. The Senegal.
In January 2020, a first group of travelers experienced these contrasts up close. And was excited.
In 2021 a new such trip will take place.
Mauritanian potbourri
80% of Mauritanian territory is desert.
80% of over 1 million km2. We managed many aspects of life in
Summing up Mauritania so you never have to drive long distances
And so get an insight into industry, train rides in the desert. you learn
People know and see the Chinguetti sanctuary, but also spend a
in the country's capital, Nouakchott, the place that was a village 50 years ago
travel program
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