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The program 
Those who set off for Mauritania first of all do without one or the other. There is no restaurant for hundreds of kilometers. He searches in vain for alcoholic drinks and he does not spend every night in a hotel bed with a shower. But: Every traveler so far has been amazed by the immense impressions he has been able to collect.
The highlights described above are summarized in the following program.
Tag  1
Arrival in Nouakchott. night there. Hotel bed and breakfast
Tag  2
Drive to the Banc d'Arguin nature reserve. The reserve is under UNESCO protection. It covers 12,000 km2 of protected area and offers many bird species shelter and shelter on their hikes. We explore the area by sailing boat and receive valuable information from the park administration. Night in the bivouac  B

Tag  3
Sailing in the fishing grounds of the reserve  Bivouac night B

Tag  4
On the way to Nouadhibou visit the gold mining town of Tasiast. You get an in-depth look at the workflow and can even buy gold. Continue to Nouadhibou. Along the way, you'll encounter the rails of the world's longest train for the first time. With luck, a composition will pass by. In the evening arrival in Nouadhibou. Night at Hotel  H
From tag  5let's deal with
  • The visit of Nouadhibou, the local camel market as well as the stroll in this - by Mauritanian standards - rich city
  • the Ore Railway of Compagnie SNIM. We are allowed to visit the Bshn workshops, then ride in the VIP car, the grand public car and then we can also ride on a fully loaded train. Sitting on top of the ore.
  • On the way we visit the Methorytes of Ben A
  • Then to experience the ore mining in Zerouate up close.
We stay overnight in hotels Nouadhibou, Zerouate, in an auberge consisting of permanent cottages and a night in a bivouac.
Tag  11
We rode up yesterday on the railroad cars loaded with ore and are now back in the comfortable seats of the 4x4. We reach the main town of Adrars Atar. There are - you'd be amazed - restaurants here. The journey continues to the 7th holy site of Islam Chinguetti Overnight stay in a hostel A
Tag  12
Chinguetti the place of knowledge. At the height of Islam, the caravans brought an enormous amount of knowledge to the place. Research was carried out here and all the collected knowledge is now in libraries which we will visit. Afternoon excursion on foot or dromedary into the immensity of the desert. night at the hostel
Tag  13
And the desert is alive. Past water in the desert, oases, nomad hot springs to the rock carvings, which in an interesting way prove the life of yesteryear. Night together with nomads. In the tent B

day 14
On the way back today we drive through the middle of the desert. Dam Vallée Blanche. Oases line the way. Thanks to water resources we eat fresh fruits from the oasis and then drive to 300m high dunes. At the foot of which we stay B in Nouakchott H
day 15
Return to Nouakchott on a paved road. Night in a 3*** hotel On request and for an additional charge, a 4**** hotel with a swimming pool is possible
day 16
It's going to be a rather long day. Visit of Nouakchott with the possibility to swim in the sea. final dinner. Then  return to Europe. Departure usually at 02h at night.
Arrival in Geneva (with Royal Air Maroc flight schedule 4/22) at 16.50h.
 Sleeping. H = Hotel, A = Auberge, B = Bivouac
It is expressly pointed out that the above information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge. Any changes due to external influences must be accepted. (Especially around the ore railway

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​The trip itself Euro 2265.-/person in a double room starting with the night on arrival and ending with the night from day 15 to day 16
There are no rooms for single use or possible at extra charge in hotels.
Surcharge use room in Nouakchott night day 16 until departure. 55 euros
Surcharge 4**** hotel in Nouakchott (only possible at the end of the trip) on request
Visa fees Euro 60.- (currently)
Arrival: e.g. Royal Air Maroc, approx. Euro 550.-
Arrival and departure: You fly to Mauritania with three airlines. Royal Air Maroc, Air France and Turkish Airways. For travelers from Switzerland we recommend Royal Air Maroc. We are happy to help
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● the transfer from the airport to the hotel and back to Nouakchott airport
● the whole trip from day 2 up to and including day 15 with full board
● Day 16 incl. lunch and dinner but without room use
● all transfers in the country
● Competent travel companions throughout the journey with a qualified Mauritanian tour guide
● complete travel documents
● stay overnight in the hotel resp. often also in a tent (bringing a silk sleeping bag is recommended)
● the ride on the iron ore train as described in the program (approximately)
● the trip to the desert
● City tour of Nouakchott
● Sufficient drinking water throughout the journey
● Travel companion by Edi Kunz throughout the journey
● The executing company in Mauritania is LE PHARE DU DESERT Mauritanie assistance.
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Not included:
● the journey to and from Nouakchott
● the fees for the visa ça 65 euros
● all drinks except water
● all insurances
● any recommended vaccinations

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