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Who are we??
A gene in me must be linked to the Arab world. With the desert, the hustle and bustle in the cities
and villages with this manner and religion peculiar to man.
The Morocco adventure began in 1992
In 1997 I emigrated to Morocco
In 2023 it was five years ago that the first trip to Mauritania took place Travel is the main activity Suprateam was the name of my travel agency which is now in Moroccan hands

The Hotel Tomboctou was under my leadership for many years

The site you are looking at here was made by my stepson

Jobs and families were created and I am very happy about that

And so it happened that I ended up in Mauritania in 2018. A poor country yes, but full of tourist opportunities.
Just like Morocco when I came here in 1997.
So we are in the process of bringing a little structure to the matter and …..creating jobs again.
Slowly but surely making sure that afterwards... everything is allowed to stay alive.
At the age of 66, Udo Jürgens sang, at the age of 76, I sing…..

2023 5 years Mauritania. We're planning on that. A little celebration with you Why not. Or??

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