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Morocco Mauritania


I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list

Leben Sie die Leidenschaft mit uns.
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Train de désert


Train de désert

  • Morocco

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Morocco, the country on the coast between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, is only a 3-hour flight from
Europe away. It was already inhabited at the time of the Roman Empire and was then considered the Mauritanian Empire. Today Morocco is certainly the country with the most advanced infrastructure in all of Africa.
Morocco is a constitutional monarchy.
The king is Mohammed VI. The government is based on the bicameral system and has its roots in the French form
Capital is Rabat.
Es has around 35 million inhabitants.
Currency: Dirham
Our trips to Morocco
Le Train du desert
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We are happy to announce that the train du désert  wrong again. A first trip took place on March 26th. See some impressionsHERE
  • A new exclusive date is set for the 05.November 2022
Crossing of the High Atlas June 2021
The Atlas Mountains stretch over 2,500 km northwest of Africa from Morocco to Algeria to Tunisia. It separates the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts from the Sahara Desert. A series of mountain ranges with topology, climate, and diverse flora and fauna, the Atlas is dotted with Berber villages and pierced by canyons and gorges. 
  • Dar Ayoub/Tinghir

Eat with us

  • Mauritania

Mauritania, in long form the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is a country in Northwest Africa,
which lies between 15 and 27 degrees north latitude and 5 and 17 degrees west longitude. Capital: NouakchottPresident: Mohamed Ould GhazouaniPopulation: 4.42 million (2017)World Bank Currency: Ouguiya
Here is a video presentation
Get in the mood for this unique country 
Our trips to Mauritania
Study trip Mauritania
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Back to the origin
The desert is alive 
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Mauritanian potbourri

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