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The small but fine range of articles from the terroirs of Morocco


Always in AUTUMN is the big season

dates. We have been offering for 6 years now

our freshly harvested dates of the brand

M'shoul for sale.


From the palm straight to YOU 

Dates are usually available from September

until March of the following year


New / New

Our producer in Tinjdad has - thanks to the

active cooperation of Swisscontact

achieved the certification as an ORGANIC producer.

We congratulate and look forward to you

to be able to deliver first-class BIO products.


Our product range.

​250gr package 11.—

500gr package 19.— 17.—

1kg     Package 29.

2kg     Package 52.

The 2022 harvest is small but very fine. The picture here proves it. We look forward to your order 
whatsup +212 639 51 52 09
or by email. see below.


Olives from Morocco
to our Kandersteg branch

Phone: +41 33 675 00 11


Extra virgin olive oil 

from the great south of Morocco 

extra virgin oil

The fruits grow on unfertilized soil.

They are hand harvested and will

processed within 48 hours. cold pressing

machine. Without any encore


We offer the ½ LITER bottle too

for 14.-


New Releases
Olive oil from Guercif
naturally cloudy
The naturally cloudy olive oil is traditionally produced. The fruit is crushed with a stone roller and then pressed out by hand.
The resulting oil is filtered in a cloth sieve
And thus retains its naturally cloudy colour.

The ½ liter bottle is available atFri 4.50 p.m

NEW in our product range


The traditional dish
on the table of every family

We offer two types of couscous.

Made from 100% durum wheat semolina. 
contains gluten.

Traditionally made by hand
         Mischung aus Weizengries (blé tendre ) and barley


On sale in packages of 500gr each





The Moroccan cuisine is characterized by the use

various spices.

These are usually beautifully presented in the hannut (shop).


The selection of the spices results from the applications in the

Moroccan cuisine on the one hand, but also from experiences which we

were allowed to collect ideas from many of our guests during the exchange of ideas

our spice master


It is also important to note that practically all spices can also be used for

healing various ailments. eg

  • Cumin works wonders against heartburn

  • Turmeric is also used as an anticancer agent (Wikipedia)

  • The oregano plant makes a wonderful tea which is calming


  • Ginger is used as a tea, used to make Ginger Punch used

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-14 at 16.51.27 (2

All of our spices are neatly packaged in

Cans of 50g available. Exception oregano

plant 70gr.



is a spice which originally comes from the Arabic world. It is often used in tajines in Moroccan cuisine. (Stew)

price: 4.50 -fr


Ground oregano

Used as a plant or lightly ground

Is a spice and a medicinal plant at the same time. We use oregano on pizzas

as well as spaghetti and especially with soup dishes. But we also ask

Bring me tea. Depending on the application

Price: 2.80 -fr



Ginger - many people think of dishes with exotic spices. What many don't

know: Ginger is also very healthy, the miracle root has a great effect.

Ginger is used for various «bobos». Ginger gives a good spicy

tea and/or punch.

Try it.

Price: 4.- fr



The paprika tuber is planted in different varieties and species. out of it

This results in spices with more or less "breed" Our paprika is


moderately spicy.

Price: 3.60 - fr


cumin grain

Is a spice which originally comes from the Arabic world. It is often used in tajines in Moroccan cuisine. (Stew)

Price: 4.30 -fr


Moroccan curry

Our curries are special inventions of our spice mixers. In doing so

above all the spicy curry is conquering the kitchens of our customers.

Price : 2.70 -fr mild or 3.70 -fr spicy



Coriander has been known in the Mediterranean since ancient Egyptian times.

Over time, it spread to large parts of the world. The Moroccan

Coriander owes its special touch to special benefits such as sandy soil and lots of sun.

Price: 3.70 -fr


Cinnamon Madagascar

Originally from Madagascar. It is prepared for Moroccan cuisine.

Price: 4.50 - fr


Ras el Hanout

The spice of the 40 spices. Is suitable for refining almost all dishes. It is used on both vegetables and meat.

Anyone who says Morocco also says
Ras el Hannut

Price: 3.70 -fr


ground turmeric

Also called turmeric, it is widely used thanks to its special color properties.

It is rather bitter - earthy and is suitable for rice dishes, for example, but also for sauces with meat. It is said to have a special healing effect on cancer.

Price: 6.70 -fr



Or the extended arm of the paprika. The chilli plant is a special one

interesting and useful plant.

Price: 3.50 - fr


Pepper from Morocco(ground)

The Moroccan soil and the omnipresent sun are responsible for the

special note of pepper.

Price : 4.50 - fr

saffron threads

It is called the red gold of Morocco

saffron threads
Available in jars for:
1gFor the price offr.13--


Also in our assortment 
and always a hit!!


date syrup

Or juice pressed from dates. This jus is not syrup and should not be fortified with water.

The syrup or this jus is sweet as sugar, slightly sticky. It dissolves in milk (like honey) and makes a great tasting drink.

In addition, date syrup is used to refine desserts, such as fruit salad, or is used to flavor cakes

used to garnish cream.

And last but not least.

Lettuce, lettuce of any kind, loves a little squirt, just a little extra.


Date syrup is available in bottles too

¼ litreat the price ofFri 5.80


Date almond jam

Here one can only say: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The jam is made at home in the kitchen. It is therefore a pure natural product

guaranteed BIO (although without a label)


The glass250 gis available at the price of Fri 4.50


fruit cocktail

The famous Dalmatian roses grow in Kleet Mgouna on the southern slopes of the High Atlas. Rose water is made from the leaves


But not only: the area is a paradise for the

Cultivation of almonds, figs and together with the dates that come from Erfoud a fruit cocktail is produced. The fruits will

ground, mixed together and then lightly pressed and packed in cans.


To eat like tuti fruti. As an accompaniment to mueslis, fruit salad or dissolved in milk, this cocktail is an extremely tasty addition or

a boost during physical exertion.

Packs are available too

250grat the price ofFri 6.—

500grat the price ofFri 9.—

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-25 at 01.25.11 (1).jpeg

Thyme honey from the mountains of Morocco's 
Master beekeeper Christian Burri lives in Marrakech and delivers us honey
his portfolio

It has long as it has.
250g for CHF 13.-- 

Write us what you need 
We look forward to hearing from you


How to get our products

In our branches 


Outer Dorfstrasse 57

3718Kandersteg  Tel 033 675 0011


Medieval Pascal Wehrle 

Spiegelgasse 29


8001 Zurich 044 252 4720


or your direct orderThat being said, see you soon
Latifa, Edi and Ayoub.

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