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Come to Mauritania, it's wonderful !

Mauritania or the Islamic Republic of Mauritania is located in West Africa, bordering Morocco to the north, Algeria and Mali to the east. It's on the Atlantic. It is divided into the ethnic groups of the Moors (who also make up the elite of the population), as well as the rather black original population, which comes from the Senegal River Delta and often farms, and Haratins, the likewise dark-skinned population who have returned from the USA . Mauritania lives from agriculture, from fishing and a little from tourism, in addition from the iron ore mine of Zérouat, which is an important foreign exchange earner. Capital : Nouakchott, surface area: 1.03 million km2, about 2x the area of Germany. Populationv 4.301 million inhabitants (source: World Bank, 2016 gross domestic product: 4.635 billion USD (2016 World Bank)
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