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Mauritanian potbourri
A journey for train fans, desert tasters,
Culture, big city and live with it
locals included

80% of Mauritanian territory is desert.
80% of over 1 million km2. We managed many aspects of life in
Summarizing Mauritania in such a way that you never have to drive long distances and thus gaining an insight into industry, train travel in the desert. You will meet people and see the holy site of Chinguetti, but also spend a moment in the country's capital, Nouakchott, which was a village 50 years ago

The longest train in the world, and the heaviest, runs in the north of the country. Nearby is Chinguetti, the 7th Holy Cities of Muslims.
Here in the area of the Adrar, an area with mountains and oases that merge into the endless sand landscapes, we encounter technology, high tech even in the mining of iron ore. The holy place of Chinguetti with its palm gardens is also there. Discovering the train de service is synonymous with participating in life in Mauritania. Ben Amira, the second largest meteorite in the world, inspires amazement and contemplation. Anyone who loves a little adventure sits on one of the 240 wagons full of iron ore which three locomotives haul 580km to the sea. And in between there is another night at the locals
the program.

Not forgetting Nouakchott, where an overnight stay with a garden and charm awaits right in the center. Nouakchott the organized chaos with its fishing port, the Quartier cinq, the National Museum and many other highlights.
Overnight stays in hotels.
The country is over a million square kilometers. But here they never drive more than 400km. There is plenty of time to see, feel, experience …….

Image de Fares Nimri

This journey has long roots, has been improved and deserved with every execution
the adjective balanced

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   day 1 So  The best way to get to Mauritania is with Royal Air Maroc. Connections from all European cities Arrival at night.

  Day 2 Mo  «grasse matinée.» Late breakfast. In the afternoon drive to Azougui where a good hotel is waiting for you. Visit Terjit oasis on the way. 
Here, under a palm roof, people find peace and warm spring water. The journey takes around 5 hours

day 3Tue the day the rain came. In 2022 it rained a lot, lakes formed along the route. Drive to Zerouate. In the car. Along the railway line where one of the immense freight trains is sure to pass. night in the hotel

day 4 The afternoon of the 3rd day and almost all of today
The day belongs to the city, to the iron ore, but also to the hustle and bustle surrounding the loading and maneuvering of the ore trains: Anyone who wants to can get on the freight train and enjoy the spectacle of being able to ride the train from a unique seat. Night at the maison d'hôte.

  Day 5The service train consists of many m5. One wagon is the driving mom and pop wagon. Others have blocks of stone weighing several tons transported.
Still others have goats to give away. But the most important thing is. All water points along the route are supplied with fresh water. The train runs when it runs but is in Beni Amar in the evening. You have now arrived at the second largest monolith on earth. Pick up at the train station and drive to the campement.

 Tag 6             At the foot of the monolith Aicha, artists from all five continents were invited to the Millennium and asked to create a sculpture. Very interesting. If you like, you can walk all around. About 1 1/2h. After lunch back through the desert to the hotel in Atar. Who knows, maybe there will be a last picture of the legendary freight train. 

 day 7Culture After breakfast shopping for food, a stroll through the city before the journey to Chinguetti begins. Visit to Fort Sagane. Lunch here in the shade of the trees. Continue to Chinguetti. A first visit to the sanctuary with its dunes and gardens. night in the hotel.  

 day 8    A visit to the city libraries is mandatory. The journey continues to the gravures rupestres of Lemmaïzine.  In the middle of the desert - hidden behind dunes - water. A soul. Bathing allowed. Back to Mhaireth village. Here we built a us
stay at the locals. Unique ambience in the host's home.

 day 9    The day of the desert. We drive through the vallée blanche. The valley consists of date palm trees and sand. And many abandoned houses. Why. This is where the Mauritanians spend their summer holidays. Not by the sea. Here many have and tend their own date palms. Continue over hill and dale in a 4x4 to the dunes of Azweiga. Climbing the dune is voluntary but highly recommended. Night in the camp.

 day 10    On sand tracks to Akjoujt town. Coffee in the restaurant? There is not any. So to the little shop and take care of yourself. Back to Nouakchott where lunch awaits us in the middle of the afternoon. Check-in in the hotel. Small first attempt to get to know Nouakchott. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

 Day 11 / 12  A long day ahead. Visit of Nouakchott in the morning. His quarters, the mosques, the highest vantage point, the fishermen in the harbour. The quarter cinq. Pure life here, opportunity to buy souvenirs. Lunch at the hotel. Free time. Dinner called diner d'adieu and off to the airport.
Usually departs at three in the morning. To Casablanca with connections to everywhere.

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